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Adoption Awareness Tour

Canine Stars Adoption

In 2018, we are hitting the road to visit 3 countries and perform for hundreds of thousands of dog lovers!  This year, The Canine Stars are adding stops on our tour to promote Adoption Awareness – we are scheduling visits to shelters in the cities that we are performing in.

We’ll be looking for adoptable dogs that have sport-dog potential, like our rescued Canine Stars that play in Disc Dog, Agility, Dock Diving and Flyball Racing.

At each shelter, we will:
  • Train the staff and volunteers how to recognize and evaluate certain behaviors that are excellent for dog sports, like playful tugging and fetching toys
  • Take photos and videos of the dogs for sharing online to the sport dog community
  • Give the staff tips on how to write an athlete-targeted description of the dog – to appeal to sport dog homes
  • Give the staff links to the best places on social media to share these adoptable dogs, and a list of sport-specific rescue groups who can help
  • Post information about the dogs on our Facebook page and website
  • Have information available at our shows for any fans who are considering adopting a new dog

We’re excited to visit each shelter, and then share the experience with our fans at the shows…to inspire them to stop by and adopt, or volunteer at their local shelter.

We are Making A Difference.
  • 2/11 & 2/12/2018 – Kalamazoo, Michigan
    Canine Stars show @ Kalamazoo Wings Hockey game, 3pm on 2/11, Paws & Pucks game – bring your dog and try jumping into the ball pit pool!  We thank you for your $5 donation to the Animal Rescue Project by giving your dog a turn to jump into the pool after the game.
    Shelter visit @ Animal Rescue Project, 2/12, where we are evaluating potential sport dog prospects and helping the staff learn to target sport-specific homes in adoption advertising.

We’ll be updating this blog with a listing of shelters on the tour…if you’ve got one to recommend, please Contact Us!

Read on for one of our success stories from a shelter visit…

from Indianapolis Animal Care & Control

Tiger and his brother, 4 month old puppies

Tiger is a Pit Bull mix that we adopted from the Indianapolis shelter while we were performing at the Indianapolis Zoo.  One of our trainers received an urgent email from the shelter because they were full and they were going to have to euthanize a large number of dogs the next day.  Included in the email was this photo of Tiger, and his brother, Woods.

We visited the Indianapolis Animal Care & Control shelter and were able to bring Tiger into a room to evaluate him.  Generally we look for dogs that are outgoing, super playful, and love to tug and chase toys.  As you can see in this video, Tiger had all of those qualities!

Tiger ended up coming home with Keri the next day and he’s now a Canine Star!  Tiger is amazing at Frisbee, Agility, and his personal best in dock diving is 17ft.  But Tiger really is best at meeting people, he loves saying hi to everyone and getting lots of love.

Tiger performing freestyle frisbee at a Canine Stars show in North Carolina.