North America Diving Dogs @ AKC Shows


Dock diving can be held indoors or outdoors.

Dock diving is a huge attraction at dog shows. It’s great entertainment for the public, and incredibly fun for the dogs!

The Canine Stars offers two portable docks and pools and hosts North America Diving Dogs competitions at AKC (American Kennel Club) dog shows and other events.  As of 2014, the AKC supports the sport of dock diving and offers Titles to dogs qualifying at NADD events, for both purebreds and mixed breeds.

Club / Host Info:

  • Any AKC Dog Show may offer a NADD competition in conjunction with their event. See AKC Rules.
  • Requirements to host dock diving:
    -Flat, level area, minimum 90ft x 30ft footprint on grass, concrete or asphalt, indoors or outdoors
    23,000-25,000 gallons of water available (via fire hydrant access or delivery 1 day before)
    -Designated area for diving dog exhibitors to tent and crate (separate from breed/ob/agility)
  • We provide the Superintendent / Show Secretary, Judges and Workers to run the event. NADD handles all entries, related AKC recording fees and registration fees.
  • Our Staff is available for media interviews and demonstrations to promote the event.
  • Exhibitor notification and event advertising is through our dock diving social media and email lists. Inclusion in Premium List is optional.
  • Contact Us to bring a NADD trial to your show.

Exhibitor Info:

See Dock Diving in Action!

New World Record set by Bo at the AKC National Championships: