The Canine Stars are an international world class dog entertainment team, available for performances at Theme Parks, Fairs, Expos, Half-time shows and other special events.  If high-energy family fun is what you’re looking for, The Canine Stars will deliver.  With big air, super speeds, and incredible feats of doggie athleticism, The Canine Stars presentations pack in the action along with great music and enthusiasm.

The Canine Stars, Inc.

As a group of World Famous canine superstars, The Canine Stars have educated, encouraged and entertained hundreds of thousands of people nationwide and internationally.  We have incorporated our group of rescue dogs into the community, demonstrating that all dogs can be a star!  Our goal is to educate, influence and raise awareness in the community by incorporating Stray, Rescue, Abandoned and Misunderstood dogs into our shows.  For the most inspiring dog show and eye opening family fun entertainment, come enjoy and be a part of the action.  This show may make you want to adopt a friend and save a life.

Keri Caraher and Ethan Wilhelm began competing in dog sports with their personal pet dogs in 2001 in Colorado. They competed across country at the highest levels in Agility and Flyball racing, including earning top placements at National and World Champion events. In 2005 they began performing professionally with their sports stars at Rodeos, Theme Parks and Fairs, including tours across Canada and the Virgin Islands.

In January 2012, The Canine Stars team was created to bring our amazing rescued dogs to even larger audiences, spreading the word about the importance of pet adoption and creating a strong interactive bond together with man’s best friend.

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