Theme Park and Zoo Attractions

The Canine Stars highest impact stunt dog productions are seasonal attractions at Theme Parks and Zoos. Our trick dog entertainment show elevates your guest experience to a new level.  During our 20-30 minute performance, park guests are immersed in an exhilarating and interactive experience with our smiling and approachable trainers and their exceptionally talented lovable canines.

Six Flags Dog Show

Summer 2008, Ethan and Keri performed daily at Six Flags amusement park in Denver in the Hot Diggity Dogs Show by K9s in Flight, which included a cast of 6 trainers and 20 dogs in the concert arena.

From the moment the opening music begins to the final farewell, your guests will be captivated by non-stop action: big air stunts, world class Frisbee Disc Dog Freestyle, high speed Dog Agility and Flyball relay racing, and the super soaker of them all – Dock Diving!

The roaring cheers of our audiences can often be heard across the entire park!

Everyone loves dogs these days, and audiences connect emotionally with our dogs’ personal adoption stories. After each show, guests meet their favorite canine stars and take photos to share on Facebook, and tell all their friends about the amazing Canine Stars attraction at your venue. Guests even blog about our shows


Our dogs have become a favorite attraction for park guests…they come back asking for them by name. Power starred in the Indianapolis Zoo Dog Show from 2012-2013 and had many fans!

They had a dog show with trained dogs doing tricks that Harlow LOVED. Loved is an understatement. She was clapping along and cheering and dancing.”
-Sharmela Hafen, CA
from her Blog about 2013 Indy Zoo visit

We perform indoors or outdoors at venues of all sizes – arenas, stages, and gardens, customizing our show to fit in your area. Our flexibility and customization of our shows will compliment your theme and mission.

Productions Include:

  • Trick Dog Stunts, Frisbee Disc Freestyle, High Jump, Agility and Flyball Racing, and/or Dock Diving
  • Up to three 20-30 minute shows per day, up to 7 days per week, up to 9 months seasonal.
  • 10-15 minute Meet and Greet with audience after the show, for autographs and photos with the dog stars.
  • 5-10 dogs per show, all different breeds and sizes.
  • 2-5 performers with friendly, personable, professional announcing.
  • Your park messages and key points integrated into shows as needed.
  • Dock Diving pool and splash zone for kids optional.
  • Media appearances and photo opportunities as needed (includes newspaper interviews, facebook videos/posts, television station interviews on-site or in nearby studio).
  • USDA compliant, insurance policy riders as needed.

See the Dogs in Action!

Our 2015 Highlight Reel includes some performances in seasonal attractions:

Book us for your Theme Park or Zoo!

Our stunt dog shows are extremely flexible and we customize our productions to fit your theme and educational format.  Our resume of past shows goes back to 2001 and covers most States and 4 Canadian provinces, where we’ve performed with as many as 50+ dogs in theatrical productions. Contact us today to inquire about bringing our canine attraction to your zoo or theme park.