The Canine Stars Stunt Dog Show

Looking for family entertainment that will boost your guest experience, gain attendance numbers and increase return visits?

The Canine Stars Stunt Dog Show is a fan favorite at Fairs and Festivals across North America.  Our professional team of performers and their adopted dogs provide upbeat, family friendly entertainment. We reach the hearts of all ages – your guests are sure to fall in love with the dogs.

Our shows highlight incredible Disc Dogs.






Dog Show offers exciting family entertainment





Everyone loves dogs these days, and our dogs are not only extreme stunt dogs and professional athletes, they are loveable pets that adore meeting your audience, too. Your guests will laugh, cheer, and have a blast watching big air stunts, frisbee freestyle routines, high jumping, incredible agility, flyball racing, and dock diving.  

We increase return guest visits and overall attendance numbers at Fairs, Festivals and Expositions. Our audiences are encouraged to take photos to share on Facebook, and tell all their friends about the amazing Canine Stars show at your event.

The Canine Stars ground act for Fairs, Festivals and Pet Expos is paws-down the fan favorite Dog Show in the business!

Standard set layout shown above. However, as every event is unique, and we are the most flexible dog show in the industry – we can creatively work within your project boundaries and budget. Our Standard Ground Act features the following:

Stage & Set

  • OUTDOORS on grass or concrete
  • INDOORS on carpet or we can bring our artificial turf
  • Fully self-contained performance area with perimeters, massive truss backdrop, stage props, stunt dog equipment.
  • Sound System with trending family-friendly music during the shows (background music with event announcements between shows as needed)
  • FOOTPRINT: Standard 50ft x 80ft (pool show)
    or minimum footprint 30ft x 60ft (no pool)
  • OPTIONAL: Artificial turf flooring if no grass is available.
  • OPTIONAL: Dock Diving Pool – Water or Ball Pit Pool

Show Content

  • Trick Dog Stunts, Frisbee Disc Freestyle, High Jump, Agility and Flyball Racing, and/or Dock Diving
  • Up to three 20-30 minute shows per day.
  • 5-15 dogs per show, all different breeds and sizes.
  • 2-5 performers with friendly, personable, professional announcing.
  • 10-15 minute Meet and Greet with audience after the show, for autographs and photos with the dog stars.

Marketing & Advertising

  • Your event sponsor banners or graphics integrated into our set as needed.
  • Your event sponsor messages and key points integrated into shows as needed.
  • Media appearances and photo opportunities as needed on show days (includes newspaper interviews, facebook videos/posts, television station interviews on-site or in nearby studio).


  • Flexible load in and load out (dock diving pool requires 1-2 days setup, 1 day teardown)
  • We require power, water, and 1-2 hotel rooms and/or RV parking (dry w/ 50amp) for our staff.
  • We are USDA licensed and compliant, we’ve passed all random inspections with flying colors.
  • Insurance Certificate available naming Event as “Additional Insured”



WATER POOL - Summer outdoor event guests LOVE the SPLASH ZONE at the end of the pool...our audiences can get up close and get wet!

Our water pool requires 25,000 gallons of potable water. Pool should be filled the day before shows by tanker truck or via fire hydrant and hoses.

BALL PIT POOL - We invented the world's only Ball Pit Pool in 2016 for indoor events and temporary setups like intermission or stage shows. Quick to set up and teardown, this is our PORTABLE innovation. It was featured on America's Got the video below.



Any dog, of any breed, of any age, with any past – can achieve greatness. We support and promote rescue & adoption.

Our aim is to inspire and educate youth. We share heartwarming rescue stories about our dogs, and we demonstrate how TEAMWORK makes the impossible possible for the “underdog.”

The Canine Stars Stunt Dog Show in Calgary Alberta Canada


All of the dogs are individually owned and loved by their trainers – they are family first! We all started as "normal" pet owners, turned into crazy dog show competitors, and now entertain professionally with our dogs.

The Canine Stars was founded in 2012 by Keri Caraher, President. Keri and Ethan Wilhelm, Vice President, have been performing and competing with their dogs for over 20 years.

The Canine Stars Stunt Dog Show 2021 North American Tour
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