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The Canine Stars Stunt Dog Show

Are you looking for exciting family-friendly entertainment for the enjoyment of your guests? Consider The Canine Stars Stunt Dog Show, performed by our professional team of dog trainers and their amazing adopted dogs.

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Everyone loves dogs these days, and our dogs are not only professional athletes, they are loveable pets that adore meeting your audience, too. Your guests will laugh, cheer, and have a blast watching big air stunts, dock diving, frisbee freestyle routines, high jumping, agility, flyball racing, and other extreme dog sports.  

Hire our family-friendly dog show entertainment act for Fairs, Theme Parks, Zoos, Pet Expos, Sports Halftime and more.
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All Stunt Dog School Courses include two live Zoom meetings with The Canine Stars Trainers, bi-weekly Video courses with Assignments, and Membership to our Online Trainer's Community, STUNT DOG SQUAD.
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Stunt Dog Show


Entertainment Act

Rescued dogs thrill audiences at Fairs & Festivals across North America

April 7, 2021


Keri Caraher


The Canine Stars perform at large events anywhere in the world.  They entertain dog-loving audiences of all ages, ideal for family focused events, including: Fairs, Festivals & Exhibitions; Rodeos & Stock Shows, Theme Parks & Zoos, Pet Expos & Adoption Events, Sports Halftimes & Intermissions for Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey (Pro and College Sports), Olympics & Special Olympics, Corporate Events & Parties, and custom Theatrical Productions.


Based in the U.S., we travel internationally and have trainers who reside around the world…and we all love to travel! Check the events Calendar to see where The Canine Stars are performing next.

The Canine Stars 2019 Tour included America, Canada and Mexico, with a side trip to Bermuda. And yes, we LOVED the drive from Alaska to Mexico City, Mexico! Our trainers in South Korea and the Netherlands are also available for international performances in Europe and Asia.


Since 2012, we’ve thrilled audiences with non-stop doggie athleticism: Frisbee Freestyle Disc Dogs, Dock Diving Dogs, High Jumping, Dog Agility & Weave Pole Racing, Flyball Racing, Wall Climb, Parkour & Balancing Acts, Lure Coursing and more.  Our shows can be performed with minimal equipment on a small stage, or with the industry's biggest and best set including our Dock Diving Pool and truss backdrop.

Dock Diving is an incredible extreme sport that thrills crowds.  It’s amazing to watch these spectacular jumps out into the pool, dogs jumping over 30 feet across the pool.  These are not your local dogs jumping, these are the PROS! The Canine Stars offers two options for your dock diving pool, fill it with WATER or our BALL PIT:

Summer outdoor event guests LOVE the SPLASH ZONE at the end of the pool...our audiences can get up close and get wet!
We invented the world's only Ball Pit Pool in 2016 for indoor and quick events where spending a day to fill up a pool with 25,000 gallons water is not an option. Quick to set up and teardown, this is our PORTABLE innovation.


While our standard shows are formatted as a 25 minute Ground Act for the Fair industry, we also offer options customized for other events.

THEME PARKS & ZOOS - Seasonal attractions or special events. Our trainers performed for 7 months at the Indianapolis Zoo in the All-Star Dog Challenge.

SPORTS HALFTIME SHOWS - Half-time and Intermission performances available for professional and college sports – Basketball, Baseball, Football, Soccer, Hockey – YES we’ve done dock diving on ice!!!


We’ve been in the dog show industry for over 20 years, we are professionally licensed by USDA as an Animal Act, and are active members of the following associations: International Association of Fairs & Expositions (IAFE), Canadian Association of Fairs and Exhibitions (CAFE), and Western Fairs Association(WFA).

All of the dogs are individually owned and loved by their trainers – they are family first! Their well being is our top priority.  We all started as normal pet owners, turned into crazy dog show competitors, and now entertain professionally with our dogs.

Stunt Dog Show



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