History of Dock Diving
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Interview with Tim Lake Host of DockDogs TV

Tim Lake explains how dock diving got it's start - from the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge to the ESPN Great Outdoor Games to DockDogs and beyond. From the 1990's all the way to the present, the sport has changed and grown. From a simple long jumping competition into water, to the diverse formats that we have today, Tim outlines the differences between the venues in North America and how they each got started. Tim serves as President of Carolina DockDogs, head captain of Tar Heel Toss and Fetch Club, he's an UpDog disc judge, and competes in disc, Fast CAT, and dock diving. His two rescue dogs have excelled in dog sports and achieved several titles. Nala, 7, was the reserve Champion in NADD’s 2015 Nationals in Air Retrieve Senior Division.
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Tim Lake

Tim Lake

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History of Dock Diving

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