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Interview with Herb Williams founder of the Superdogs

Herb Williams spent more than three decades as the founder and host of SuperDogs, where he delighted audiences with a family-friendly dog show starring a cast of talented four-legged performers.  Herb’s first SuperDogs show was in 1976 at the Pacific National Exhibition and by his last appearance in 2012, he retired in his 80s. Herb was emceeing shows for audiences of over 20,000. With the SuperDogs, Herb traveled across Canada more than 30 times and entertained audiences that included celebrities Joan Rivers and Luciano Pavarotti and royals such as Princess Margaret, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, and Camilla Bowles Parker.

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Herb Williams

Herb Williams

Official Superdogs website
Herb Williams founded the Superdogs in 1976, and the company is still one of the top dog entertainment shows in the world.
Herb Williams hosting Superdogs at the 2010 National Western Stock ShowOfficial Superdogs website
History of Stunt Dog Shows

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