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Interview with Pam Martin of Top Dog EnterTRAINment

"Top Dog Pam" is one of the founders of the Musical Dog Sport Association, she was the first Canine Freestyle act on America's Got Talent (Season 4), and she coached a two-time winner of the Crufts International Freestyle Heelwork Championships, Lucka Plevova.

Pam Martin is a joy to interview, she has incredible stories and insight on the history of Canine Freestyle and Heelwork to Music.  Pam's journey through the past 20 years of dog dancing has led her around the world with the top dancing dogs in history - including the famous Rookie and Carolyn Scott.

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Pam Martin

Pam Martin

Pam Martin's Top Dog Obedience Training website
Top Dog Obedience in Garland, Texas offers freestyle tricks training, flyball racing, conformation show dog, and obedience classes.
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History of Canine Freestyle

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