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The Canine Stars Stunt Dog Show

A Trainer's Forum and Community Group for Dog Trainers!

We've built an app and platform for social discussions among our Team of Canine Stars Trainers, our Stunt Dog School Students and Graduates, and our Canine Stars Fans.

Accessible from a computer or mobile browser, or using the App available for iphone.  Android App is currently in development.

The Canine Stars Fans, Students, and Graduates of our Stunt Dog School are invited to join us in our Community for Dog Trainers.
Stunt Dog School Guest Interviews
All Stunt Dog School Courses include two live Zoom meetings with The Canine Stars Trainers, bi-weekly Video courses with Assignments, and Membership to our Online Trainer's Community, STUNT DOG SQUAD.
YOUTH COURSES are FOR students ages 12-18, to encourage a like-minded community.
ALL-AGES COURSES are open to anyone.



Stunt Dog Squad


Community Group

February 7, 2021



Stunt Dog Squad



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