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The Canine Stars Stunt Dog Show

Interview with Ellie Stivers of Living Wild Photography

Ellie Stivers is an accomplished freestyle disc dog competitor and performer on The Canine Stars team.  She's won at Skyhoundz World Championships, D-Tour World Distance Championships, and the Purina UNDiscovered Pet Talent Contest.

Ellie Stiver's social media photographs have turned heads of some of the top dog industry corporations in North America, and they've hired her for commercial shoots and videos.  Her natural talent as a photography is obvious, but she's also got lots of tricks, tips, and techniques to share with our students.  Launch your dog's photos to the next level with a little help from Ellie!

Besides the Guest Interview in our Performer Foundation and Advanced courses, Ellie is instructing the 3 month long PhoDOGraphy 101 course at Stunt Dog School. 

Watch the video preview of our Zoom interview at Stunt Dog School:
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Photography & Video for Social Media

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