Rescue Transport
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Is your rescue group looking for a Chauffeur for some of your homeless dogs?  Is your shelter or rescue full to capacity, and you need to make room for additional incoming strays?

If you've partnered with another rescue group who can receive and adopt out your dogs, then we may be able to offer a Rescue Ride! We've volunteered to transport over 50 dogs to different areas of the country, we may be headed toward a city near you!

The Canine Stars Stunt Dog Team tours all across North America every year, except for 2020 - due to covid. We are used to driving days at a time in our large vehicles equipped with built-in custom kennels for the safety of traveling with our dogs. In 2020, we missed those we started volunteering to transport rescue dogs.

Our trainers volunteer with rescue groups & shelters to help transport dogs to their newly adopted families & rescue groups.
Stunt Dog School Guest Interviews
All Stunt Dog School Courses include two live Zoom meetings with The Canine Stars Trainers, bi-weekly Video courses with Assignments, and Membership to our Online Trainer's Community, STUNT DOG SQUAD.
YOUTH COURSES are FOR students ages 12-18, to encourage a like-minded community.
ALL-AGES COURSES are open to anyone.



Stunt Dog Sho-fur


Rescue Transport

April 17, 2021



Stunt Dog Sho-fur



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