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Interview with Lindsay Thompson of Fly High Story of the Disc Dog

The film Fly High: Story of the Disc Dog explores the true origins of canine disc, the bond between canine and handler, and the importance of that bond and to bring to light where it all started nearly 40 years ago. The sport wasn't founded on the need to have multiple world titles assigned to one's name. It wasn't founded with the intention that a canine was merely object. It was brought to light with one man, Alex Stein, who wanted to play and share the sport he so enjoyed with his dog, Ashley. Lindsay Thompson spent some time telling the story of the sport to our students for this interview, but you'll still need to get the film to appreciate this incredible sport.
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Lindsay Thompson

Lindsay Thompson

Fly High Story of the Disc Dog
Fly High: Story of the Disc Dog explores the history of the rapidly growing sport of Canine Flying Disc in the canine competition world. The film chronicles the history of this young sport and follows the progress of dogs and handlers as they strive to become world-class athletes.
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History of Canine Disc

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