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The Canine Stars Stunt Dog Show is now offering online training to support dog trainers who aspire to become performers.

Our current Stunt Dog School Training Programs are tailored for all-ages. But they were built for those who are young at heart!

We appreciate the opportunity to share our love of dogs, and we hope to to spark the imaginations and creativity of aspiring dog trainers. Our online training with community support and encouragement from our team trainers is very much needed. Each enrollment includes a membership to our online community of like-minded dog trainers and performers.

In 2021 we started our Youth Mentorship Program #FutureCanineStar and online dog training for Youth, ages 12-18. In 2022 we expanded to all-ages classes, and in 2023 we are offering self-paced courses within an App for your phone.
Stunt Dog School Guest Interviews
All Stunt Dog School Courses include two live Zoom meetings with The Canine Stars Trainers, bi-weekly Video courses with Assignments, and Membership to our Online Trainer's Community, STUNT DOG SQUAD.
YOUTH COURSES are FOR students ages 12-18, to encourage a like-minded community.
ALL-AGES COURSES are open to anyone.



Stunt Dog School


Online Dog Training

Upcoming Stunt Dog School Courses

December 23, 2022


Keri Caraher



In 2020, we had a tremendous outpouring of online auditions to join our Youth Performer Mentorship Program. We received entries from 12 countries around the world!

The positive feedback and demand prompted us to create our Stunt Dog School for everyone, including two new online Training Programs for Youth Dog Trainers:

  • Youth Performer ADVANCED Training Course (3 Months)
  • Youth Performer FOUNDATION Training Course (6 Months)

Since then we've updated our courses to include all ages of dog trainers who aspire to become professional performers with their dogs.

Stunt Dog School



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