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Interview with Amber Karstens Holland's Got Talent Finalist

Amber Karstens was a Finalist in Holland's Got Talent, and also happens to be a Canine Stars Guest Star, and winner of our 2018 world wide contest along with Sara Carson's Superstyle program. But Amber's true talent really shined brightest when she appeared on Holland's Got Talent. We were able to see her ultimate dance routines - choreographed to music and lighting with professional props on stage. In this interview, she covers all of the routines she performed on the show, and explains why she chose which moves for her routines. She also has tips and suggestions on how you can plan your own routine to make the most of your music.
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Amber Karstens

Amber Karstens

Amber Karsten on YouTube at @TheDancingCollies
Amber, Ruby and Nymeria's performances on Holland's Got Talent are available on her YouTube Channel.
Amber Karsten on Instagram at @TheDancingColliesAmber Karsten Special Guest Star on The Canine StarsAmber Karsten on YouTube at @TheDancingCollies
Matching Freestyle Sequences to Music

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