History of Stunt Dog Shows
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Interview with John Misita of K9s In Flight - Pioneer of disc dog shows

John Misita's K9s in Flight “homeless to highflying” Frisbee Dog Entertainment show was started over 20 years ago.  His amazing “homeless to high flying” pups have toured with Animal Planet, The NFL Experience, and the first, and original, Purina Incredible Dog Team. K9s in Flight has performed in over 200 cities across America, people all over the country have enjoyed their cutting edge, high flying acrobatics. K9s in Flight have been seen on The Discovery Channel, ESPN, Animal Planet, HBO, The Jerry Lewis Telethon, MTV Music Television, and more. They have been featured in Dog Fancy Magazine, National Geographic for Kids, Dog and Kennel Magazine, and major National Newspapers.

John's experience as a pioneer of the dog entertainment industry provids us with invaluable details about the history of stunt dog shows.  He explains who was involved and how they grew the SPORT of canine disc into ENTERTAINMENT shows.

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History of Stunt Dog Shows

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