Social Media Part II - Influencers
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Interview with Roo Yori the "K9 Ninja" & the Wallace the Pit Bull Foundation

For over a decade, Roo has been successful in his social media reach. Starting with winning a World Championship with his adopted Pit Bull, then having numerous television appearances after winning the Incredible Dog Challenge, to having a Senior Editor at Sports Illustrated publish a best-selling book about his dog (Wallace), to rescuing one of the dogs (Hector) from Michael Vick's infamous pit bull fighting ring, to having his dog's birthday video hit over 10 million views on YouTube, to starting a Non-Profit Foundation to improve the life of dogs, and then becoming a top competitor through 6 seasons on NBC's hit show American Ninja Warrior, Roo Yori has used his media appearances and fame simply to inspire others to ADOPT A DOG.

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Roo Yori

Roo Yori

Wallace The Pit Bull Foundation
The overall mission of Wallace the Pit Bull Foundation is to improve the lives of dogs and the people who care for them. Wallace not only paved the way for dogs that look like him, but he was an inspiration to millions across the globe, and represents shelter dogs everywhere!
Roo Yori K9 Ninja - from American Ninja WarriorRoo Yori's Adopt A Dog projectsWallace The Pit Bull Foundation
Social Media Part II - Influencers

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