Alexandra auditioned on America's Got Talent in 2021, with an incredible routine. The Canine Stars saw her audition and contacted her immediately to invite her to perform with the team, with her dogs Tesla and Louka. Alexandra lives in Quebec, Canada and teaches disc and dance training seminars across North America.
Alexandra Côté

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Alexandra Côté

January 9, 2023



Q: What’s your specialty in The Canine Stars shows?

My specialties are Frisbee and Freestyle. But Tesla can do about anything: Dock diving, high jump and agility.

Q: Tell us about your pack…your family of dogs.

I have 3 border collies, Louka, Tesla and Lumina. Louka is the oldest, he was born in 2015. He's not a big jumper, but he likes freestyle and agility. Louka is the most sociable, he loves meeting people at the end of shows. Tesla is an amazing dog. She was born in2018. We have a special bond together. Tesla is intense and wants to please a lot. Lumina is the youngest, she was born in May 2022. She's still a puppy, so I'll find out a bit later what she likes the most. For now, she loves learning new tricks and playing Frisbee.

Alexandra Côté

Alexandra Côté


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Alexandra Côté


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Q: What are your favorite Canine Stars shows and adventures?

I loved doing shows at the Calgary Stampede. It was a big team and everyone was super nice. I really enjoyed doing a stage show in Florida. Also, after the show, me and my dogs took the opportunity to go to the beach. It was really amazing!

Q: What are your top FOUNDATION skills that you like to train?

For me, the most important foundation is focus. I want my dogs to be able to focus on me in all situations. I love training the Freestyle Foundation. When they are young, I also learn the basics of obedience, because for me, it is important that they be have well.

Q: What are your favorite TRICK skills that you teach all your dogs?

My favorite tricks are the ones I can do with 2 dogs. For example, my two dogs turn at the same time, jump over my arms, etc. It requires incredible communication with dogs.

Q: How did you get started in dog sports and dog training?

I got my first dog, Guizmo, in 2011. He was a border collie who had a lot of behavioral issues, so I had to learn a lot about canine psychology and how to train dogs. At first it was to help Guizmo, but it became a passion. I took a Freestyle seminar to learn the foundation. Then I learned several tricks on my own. I did my first show at school. I was so stressed, but I loved my experience.


I also took aFrisbee workshop, Guizmo excelled at this sport and it was clearly hisfavorite. It was difficult to compete with Guizmo, because he was very reactiveto other dogs. We still managed to do some Frisbee competitions. Unfortunately,Guizmo passed away in 2018. It was one of the hardest things I went through,because he was my best friend.

Q: Outside of performing with The Canine Stars, what is your “normal” life like?

My job isdog trainer. I give private lessons and group lessons in Quebec. I also doshows in schools with my dogs. My dogs are my priority, so I spend a lot oftime with them. Every day, we walk freely in the forest behind my house. I train them often, but not every day, so that they are always motivated.