Dustin is Canadian dog trainer who specializes in dog frisbee and flyball. Dustin has been training dogs since 2014 and performing with the The Canine Stars since 2022.Traveling across Canada Dustin has achieved top 100 overall points in Updog and place in top 10's in nationals competitions In Canada. He's currently on tour traveling North America performing in Stunt Dog Shows at fairs and events.
Dustin Dolinski

The Canine Stars


Freestyle Disc and Flyball

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Interview with

Dustin Dolinski

September 2, 2022



Q: What’s your specialty in The Canine Stars shows?

My specialties when doing The Canine stars shows are doing frisbee freestyle and relay racing. I'm currently working on dog dancing and high jump. I like to help people and keep positive energy at any shows whether it be during performances, set up or traveling.

Q: Tell us about your pack…your family of dogs.

I currently have two border collies I performs with that are both from Canada.

Doolie, A border collie/ aussie cross who has been playing frisbee since 2016 who was unstoppable in Manitoba for many years playing CDDA. They have now moved on to Updog and currently sit in the top 100's for most games in the league. Doolie has also been racing in flyball since 2016 and is a rock solid dog on the lanes achieving 3 perfect starts in his debut season.

Mythic, A border collie who has been playing frisbee since 2019. She has placed 3rd in Updog Canadian nationals in 2022 for Disc freestyle . She is currently training in flyball and ready to hit the lanes soon! She loves to dance and high jump in shows and usually can be seen with a dyed tail!

Dustin Dolinski

Dustin Dolinski


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Dustin Dolinski


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Q: What are your favorite Canine Stars shows and adventures?

So far my favorite shows have to be the Calgary Stampede or Tanana Valley AK. Its a tough call because the crowds and production at the Stampede made the Dog Bowl so much fun. We had a jumbo-tron screen that played an intro for each dog and videos for the crowd where you can see the emotions of the people watching them! Tanana was also great because the crowds don't get to see dog shows like ours often and were super humble and thankful! We got to explore Alaska afterwards which led to making this one of the best shows and experiences I've ever got to be a part of.

Q: What are your top FOUNDATION skills that you like to train?

Positive reinforcement and manners come first for me when training dogs. Having a good recall and stay are things I like to train first to be able to set up for most things whether it be towards training for flyball or disc. Having my dogs now verbal/psychical ques to a reward is also a big plus when training anything I do.

Q: What are your favorite TRICK skills that you teach all your dogs?

Some of my favorite tricks are ones taught towards a freestyle disc routine. Vaults, overs and flat work are my favorite especially when it all flows together quick and precise.

Q: How did you get started in dog sports and dog training?

I first got Doolie in 2013 and started throwing discs for him when I noticed him offering flips and huge air. I than found a group on Facebook that led me to my first flyball team called "Warp Factor" which they also offered playing Updog practice group called "Hyjinx" in Winnipeg Manitoba. We than competed for a couple years in CDDA winning back to back MVP's before our local clubs switched to Updog. We now place in the top 100's of Updog worldwide and are always a force to reckon with when it comes to disc. Now Doolie has placed 8th in 2020 for a world wide Updog competition "Triple crown" we did online worldwide and my newest dog Mythic has placed 3rd for disc freestyle at Canadian Updog Nationals. We can safely say we're hooked to dog sports and performing at this point.

Q: Outside of performing with The Canine Stars, what is your “normal” life like?

Outside of performing with The Canine Stars I like to play video games and play the guitar. I also loves going to concerts and can be found listening or recommending songs to almost anyone; with the occasional "keep it to your self karaoke. I also do a lot of outdoor activities like hiking, skateboarding and snowmobile riding. I'm a "social butterfly" says the other trainers in the group and can be found making small talk with people outside of shows.