Sara and Hero were Finalists on America's Got Talent in 2017, and appeared on the AGT season of The Champions in 2019. Owner of The Super Collies, Sara also offers a dog training app called Puppr.
Sara Carson

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Sara Carson

April 6, 2024



Q: What’s your specialty in The Canine Stars shows?

My specialty is Canine Freestyle after placing 5th on Americas got talent, we became known for it!

Q: Tell us about your pack…your family of dogs.

My pack has 4 border collies, a golden retriever and a talented cat named goose!

Sara Carson

Sara Carson


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Sara Carson


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Q: What are your favorite Canine Stars shows and adventures?

Performing at any Canine Stars show! We do enjoy the unique venues and events we have had the opportunity to perform at. NASCAR is always so much fun!

Q: What are your top FOUNDATION skills that you like to train?

All of my pups learn how to be on an elevated spot. This helps with stay and impulse control.

Q: What are your favorite TRICK skills that you teach all your dogs?

All of my pups learn how to dance! Walking on their hinds and following my body language to complete behaviors!

Q: How did you get started in dog sports and dog training?

I started training dogs when I discovered a video on YouTube of a dog doing agility. I was 11 years old with the family dog. I became obsessed with training and at the age of 15, opened my own successful dog training facility. After getting Hero, I started getting into trick training, which lead us to NYC performing on David Letterman’s show!

Q: Outside of performing with The Canine Stars, what is your “normal” life like?

Our normal life involves a ton of hiking, training, traveling and relaxing either on the road or at our 5 acre property in Kentucky.