Whitney is a graduate of the 2021 Canine Stars Youth Performer Mentorship Program! She is a talented trainer who performs freestyle dance and high jumping with her dog, BeeGee!
Whitney McNatt

The Canine Stars
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Freestyle dance, high jump

South Carolina
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Team Leader


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Whitney McNatt

November 3, 2023



Q: What’s your specialty in The Canine Stars shows?

Beegee and I’s specialty in shows is Freestyle Dance and High jumping! Beegee’s personal best is 46 inches on the high jump! We love dancing together and our favorite tricks to do are, Beegee gives me a hug and then she jumps into my arms for a dog catch! When I’m not performing with Beegee, I enjoy performing with some of Keri and Ethan’s dogs! One of my favorite things to do is the box jump with Shazam!, she jumps off of my back and then jumps over the 9 foot jump and lands into Ethan’s     arms! 

Q: Tell us about your pack…your family of dogs.

I have Beegee, my 7 year old Australian Cattledog! We got her when she was 9 months old as a rehome. Beegee loves Dancing,Agility, High jumping, Frisbee and Swimming! She loves playing with plushytoys, but only if they have a squeaker!

Whitney McNatt

Whitney McNatt


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Whitney McNatt


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Q: What are your favorite Canine Stars shows and adventures?

I love every show because they are all so much fun and a different experience each time! Performing at Formula 1wassuch a cool and amazing experience and we had so much fun!! I also loved performing at NASCAR races and Port Farms in Pennsylvania! I love traveling, and Beegee and I have been to 34 states!

Q: What are your top FOUNDATION skills that you like to train?

I like to train a recall because it’s so important. It’s could be necessary in emergency situationsI also like to teach backing up because it helps them to be aware of their back feet which helps with tricks, jumping, agility and it’s super fun!!

Q: What are your favorite TRICK skills that you teach all your dogs?

I love all tricks but some of my favorites toteach are Dog Catch, Orbit, Scoot, Rebound, Footstall and of course Hug!

Q: How did you get started in dog sports and dog training?

I have had dogs my entire life, my first word was doggie! I begged my parents for another dog (we had two senior dogs at the time) and for my 7th Birthday, I got Beegee! I started training her in 2019after seeing Sara Carson and Hero perform Freestyle Dance on America’s Got Talent! Then, I saw there were other sports like agility and disc, and we started working on those! We competed a couple of times in agility before joining Stunt Dog School where we were introduced into performing!

Q: Outside of performing with The Canine Stars, what is your “normal” life like?

I am 14 and I am homeschooled. I also design and make stickers of The Canine Stars to sell and giveaway at shows. I love working on new tricks with Beegee, making wood burnings of the dogs, going hiking, playing board games and exploring new places with my family, friends and dogs! I also enjoy taking pictures and videos of the dogs and all the crazy things they do!