The Canine Stars Stunt Dog Show

Performer ADVANCED Training

Our six month long Advanced course for Performers is available for All-Ages. We cover dog sport training...Trick Training (including AKC, DMWYD and Dog Talent Association titling tricks), Freestyle & Sequences, Disc Freestyle & Distance, Dock Diving, Agility and High Jumping. We also cover the History of those sports, as well as Advanced Performance Dog Health, Social Media, Influencers, Photography & Video, Traveling with your dog, Performer Etiquette, and Professional Performer Foundation Skills.

By the end of this course, you'll be able to...

  • Produce a Freestyle Dance or Disc routine for competition or public performance.
  • Keep your Performance dog healthy and fine-tuned with education on nutrition, exercise, mental health, and traveling.
  • Build toward an influencer-quality Social Media presence.
  • Compete to earn your AKC / DMWYD / DTA Intermediate and Advanced Trick Dog Titles
  • Apprentice at The Canine Stars shows (that fit into your schedule and travel capabilities)
All Stunt Dog School Courses include bi-weekly Video courses with Assignments, and Membership to our Online Trainer's Community, STUNT DOG SQUAD.
ALL-AGES courses are open to anyone.
6 month program for $180, start today and learn at your own pace.

Performer ADVANCED Training

January 1, 2023
Stunt Dog School Curriculum